Who are we?

Southampton Seed Swap is supported by The Art House Southampton CIC, a not-for-profit vegetarian cafe and arts venue.  It was also supported for many years by the generosity of October Books in Portswood.

Southampton Seed Swap was founded by this piratey woman right here:


Ziggy is a tireless campaigner for sustainable living, and she walks her talk, too.  One of the founders of The Art House Southampton, she also grows her own veggies using the Vegan Organic method – with added chipped teapots from The Art House , of course!

Keith has been gardening organically for nearly 40 years - long before it was fashionable, y'know.

We all miss this lovely fellow a lot. XXX Sadly died following a long illness towards the end of 2015.

Keith was gardening organically way, way before it was quite so groovy and there’s not a lot he didn’t know about the subject!  Winner of best allotment for his gorgeous organic plot for, like, a gazillion years in a row (even when he didn’t enter), he also had some best wildlife garden awards under his belt for the garden he created with his wife, Beryl, at their home.  Keith was a mine of information on growing vegetable and plants of all kinds and was a seed guardian for the Heritage Seed Library. We hope that wherever you are now, there is a garden for you to potter about in.

Bik, with a mystery card..

This is Bik, another Art House founder who helps with the publicity for the event, as well as sorting out many practical details on the day.  He generally kills houseplants though, so probably best not to ask him for growing advice.

...and brushes up on her unusual veg.

This is me, Jani, brushing up on my unusual veg.  I’m another Art House founder and I do most of the publicity and social media for the event, although the most random posts are usually Ziggy.  I managed to kill mint plants three years in a row, though, so don’t ask me stuff about growing things – and if you see me buying mint, please stop me!#

Want to make these four people smile?  Donate to support the Southampton Seed Swap now!


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