Southampton Seed Swap – Part the Second!

Hello you lovely seedswappers.. whether you be seasoned growers or merely seed-curious x

Here is a bit of a late update of how the Swap went on Sunday March 13th – our first in-person swap since March 2020 (also known as ‘the before-times’).

Well, i am very pleased to say that it went …. well… lots of people swapping, exchanging or ‘buying’ seeds for the sum of 30p per packet (four for £1!) We were able to raise £75 for to help them, in a small way to continue their valuable work preserving, growing out and conserving our food diversity :).

Entry donations also netted us a tidy sum of about £50 to go towards the getting more stock for our Community Pantry… so well done folkx and thank you.

Many thanks to my crew & chums for helping to make the event a reality and for putting up with my doldrums, you know who you are…. Jani Franck, Paul Bickmore, Graham Caisley, Vee Marston… & to everyone who shared the event, tweeted &c to help boost us.

Lawks! How could i forget to mention – Yvonne had a rough 2020, as her business relies on going out to events to sell her wares… she was very pleased with the sales made on the day and i am most pleased to have been able to assist in a small way… The herb & strawb plants i purchased on the day are now all snugly planted at the – Artlotment on Sandhurst Rd, also at Bitterne Station ( &

Also… the online talk with Rasheeqa Ahmad went very well too 🙂 It was just as informative and fascinating at last year’s (though it doesn’t seem like a year, more like 10 years ago, and then again, no time at all.) Her facebook page Hedge Herbs right there, go on have a look!

With that in mind… we thought. Why not run a second event? So here it is – Saturday 30th April, 11am-3pm, The Art House Performance Venue & Social Centre – same format as last time – bring your saved/surplus seeds and swap packet for packet, or seeds will be available 30p per packet, 4 for £1.

The next event. Flip me, finding the insert picture option was a bit like trying to extract teeth. Not very neurodivergent friendly i must say.
Heritage Seed Library
Yvonne’s Plants – stall at an event…
Rasheeqa Ahmad’s urban apothecary
The Artlotment & its Diaries
Friends of Bitterne Station
The Art House Performance Venue & Social Centre

That’s all folkx 🙂


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