How does the Seed Swap work?

Glad you asked 🙂

If you are someone who is blessed with an abundance of seeds – i.e. vegetable, fruit, herb, flowers etc.. just give us your unwanted seeds, and take, packet for packet what you fancy from the existing seed collection on the seed swap table.

So, the more people that have seed to swap, the better. As a community event the, the more, the merrier. YOU the swapper, help make the event possible 🙂

What if I don’t have any seeds, does that mean I can’t take part?

Not at all! If you are new to gardening (or garden-curious as i sometimes call it) seeds will be available for a small donation – i.e. 30p per packet or four for £1.  Donations for seeds will help the valuable work of the wonderful Heritage Seed Library  so you will also be making a valuable contribution.

Notes for those that have seeds to swap

Please bear in mind that not everywhere knows botanical Latin 🙂  please label your seeds with their ‘common name’

Ideally,  seed packets are small envelopes (there will be loads of these available on the day) which are labelled with the following information:

a) type of plant – i.e. pea, tomato

b) variety (if known)  this helps give folks an idea of what to expect.  If you have forgotten the variety, just mention that, for example, this is something that you’ve grown for years, grows x high, has x flowers/scent, what it tastes like/how best to cook-that sort of thing.

c) Characteristics- similar to above really

d) When harvested (to give folks an idea of how long they can store them before  viability tales off)

I’m new to gardening and have no clue

Not to worry, apart from the volunteers at the seed swap there will be plenty of seasoned gardeners to chat with, and there will be a (limited) number of cooks garden planners (a good basic chart of what to grow and when) available.

Oh and welcome to one of the best ‘hobbies’ there is… 🙂






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