Around the World in 80 Plants! The return of Stephen Barstow!

Shiver me timbers!! Well thanks to the diligent efforts and persistence of both my shenanigator in arms, Jani Franck & Mr Barstow himself I am most pleased to announce that the latter will once again be gracing us with his presence, a very fine talk with lots of lovely pictures & stacks of his wonderful books to buy. 🙂

Stephen has devoted over 30 years trialling the world’s perennial vegetables. He grows more than 2,000 edible plants in his garden close to the Arctic Circle in Norway, and in 2003 earned the title ‘Extreme Salad Man’ after creating a salad using 537 varieties, inspired by multi-species Mediterranean dishes! Sprinkled with recipes inspired by local traditional gastronomy, this is a fascinating book, an entertaining adventure and a real milestone in climate-friendly vegetable growing from a pioneering expert on the subject.

For more information about the talk,  including ticket sales please click on the links in this sentence…

Tatty bye for now!!












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