Dreaming of a greener world

Preamble:  Its very easy to lose heart, lose enthusiasm and to lose hope – if  you only watch mainstream media. Its my aim, with ‘a little help from my friends’ to bring more whimsy into the world through the medium of gardening; growing your own food, sharing your surpluses, upcycling shiny things to bring a smile to peoples faces… to start making some sort of sense in this world, to find a purpose, to share inspiration where i find it and hopefully others will feel that they can do this too – feel empowered.

Or is the above just a very well seasoned word salad?  If you have no clue what i am going on about, or have something to add, please do drop me a line, or two. Please, though, let’s remain civil 🙂

I am very proud and chuffed to bits to present Southampton Seed Swap 2019 – which is happening on Sunday 3rd March, 12pm-5pm at the Art House Gallery Cafe (upstairs, so alas is not wheelchair accessible)*

*although i am sure we can make arrangements for though who have difficulty with stairs, we’re very friendly and helpful at the art house xx**

A recap for the newbie/garden curious amongst us…     the seed swap works thus

a) you have seeds to swap – many many seeds!! You packet them up, label them and bring them along – yay!! you swap packet for packet!!

b) you don’t have seeds! Do not despair!! Seeds will be available for a donation (30p per packet, 4 for £1)

The more people that attend (with seeds hopefully) the more there will be to swap, and the more to donate!

So please pretty please spread the word – tell your chums, shout it from the rooftops –

Come and join us for a tea-drenched, cake-filled whimsical afternoon – and start your gardening adventure!



For those at the back – here is the FB website, if that is your jam (apricot please with some warm vegan croissants and a cuppa tea xxx)













3 thoughts on “Dreaming of a greener world

  1. Hello there I’m not sure if you are able to reply to me but we would love to come to the Seed Swap on Sunday. The problem is we don’t know Southampton at all (live in Fair Oak). Although I can see a route from Allington Lane I am nervous about finding somewhere to park nearby. Any tips? I have lots of seed to swap! Sarah

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