Just some random ramblings

It’s Friday evening aboard the good ship Seedy Central. I am surrounded by 4 noisy budgies and there is one hamster running around foraging for treats. The other is exercising in a ball in the corridor. This folks is my life of an evening. Hamster wrangling and budgie herding. Its not bad but it can make actually getting anything done interesting – if it goes quiet then you know someone feathery or furry is up to no good.

Today I finally got organised enough to pick up the phone and confirm stall holders for this year’s seeds swap… as it is over two days not many stallholders will be there for both days.. so if you have a particular one you’d like to visit bear this in mind! So far the lineup is:

Vegshed – loads of veg, fruit and such like – both days

Southampton Animal Concern – Saturday only (plants, preserves, gardening doodads)

Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust – one day only – tbc

Aldermoor Community Farm – days tbc

Transition Southampton – both days

Vegan Organic Network – both days

Local Friends of the Earth combined with a soupcon of Greenpeace – both days

Southampton Allotment & Gardens Association – tbc

So few stalls? – well the space in the gallery at the Art House is cosy… 🙂

On a separate but related note – I have sown quite a number of seeds this week – whether they germinate and produce good size planties by the time of the event is questionable to say the least…

Tomatoes, aubergines, peppers, sweet pea, lobelia, viola… well that’s it really – the propagator isn’t very large..

So, there we are. Look forward to seeing you lovely folks at the end of the month – until then stay groovy shipmates! Yarr!

Oh and here is a dandy poster which I am hoping you will all share – all 5 of you who read this utter nonsense xxxx southamptonseedswap2017_a4











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