UPDATE!!  9th February 2018!

I am very chuffed indeed to announce a couple of Fringe talks/workshops for 2018’s Seed Swap!!

Weds 21st Feb 7-9:30pm welcomes back Stephen Barstow for an audiovisual talk about ‘Winter veg & the Hungry Gap’. Stephen is a very enthusiastic and experienced plantsman & gardener, who grows in excess of 2,000 edible plants in his garden near the Artic Circle. He has also authored ’80 plants around the world’ a veritable treasure trove of information about some of those plants.

Edimentals (Stephen’s homepages)

Winter Veg & The Hungry Gap

Spiralseed (Graham’s homepages)

The Railway City allotment project (Urban container growing)

Both events pages have links for purchasing tickets!

Look forward to seeing you there!

Southampton Seed Swap is a community seed swapping, gardening and environmental living event which happens every year in Southampton, Hampshire.

The next one will be on Sunday 25th February 2018, 12pm – 5pm both days.

Ziggy and Keith give advice and drink tea at the seed swap table.

Inspired by Seedy Sunday in Brighton, has been running since 2006 every February. 

The swap gives growers can choose seeds from dozens of traditional varieties of garden vegetables in return for a donation or in exchange for seed they have saved.

It’s also a great place to meet likeminded people, from newbie gardeners to people who have been giving away free courgettes by the tonne for years!

The seed swap is organised by Ziggy Woodward & her amazing crew at The Art House Southampton. Crew members include John Curtis, Paul Bickmore (Bik) & Jani Franck. Many thanks for your help, patience and persistence through the years!

...oh look, more seeds :)Open-pollinated, ‘heritage’ varieties of seeds are often no longer commercially available, but have adapted naturally to local growing conditions.  They also make for unusual, yummy and colourful additions to your garden and table!

Join the mailing list and link to us on Facebook to be kept up to date on our Seedy Shenanigans in Southampton!

Southampton Seed Swap is organised by volunteers and self-funded – donate to support the event now!



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